The Top 5 Locations in the North East for Property Investment: High ROI and Rental Yields


The North East of England is home to a variety of smaller towns and areas within larger cities that offer exceptional property investment opportunities. With a focus on return on investment (ROI) and average rental yields, we have compiled a list of the top 5 locations for property investment in the North East. We will provide key stats, insights, and descriptions of these areas to help you make informed decisions and maximise your property investment returns.

5. Westoe, South Shields

Population: 8,000 (2020) Area: 1.9 km²

Westoe, a residential area in South Shields, offers property investors strong rental yields and excellent capital growth potential. The area is popular among families due to its good schools, parks, and local amenities. Westoe’s average rental yield is 6.2% (PropertyData, 2021), making it an attractive location for buy-to-let investors.

4. Gilesgate, Durham

Population: 7,500 (2020) Area: 2.2 km²

Gilesgate is a popular area in Durham, located near the city centre and Durham University. The high student population and strong demand for rental properties contribute to Gilesgate’s attractive rental yields of up to 7.5% (PropertyData, 2021). The area’s rich cultural heritage and excellent transport links also make it an appealing destination for long-term investment.

3. Linthorpe, Middlesbrough

Population: 15,000 (2020) Area: 2.7 km²

Linthorpe, a suburb of Middlesbrough, has become a hotspot for property investment. The area offers a diverse range of housing options and a thriving rental market, particularly among young professionals and families. With an average rental yield of 6.4% (PropertyData, 2021), Linthorpe provides solid returns for investors seeking high-yielding properties.

2. Ashbrooke, Sunderland

Population: 6,000 (2020) Area: 1.5 km²

Ashbrooke, a residential suburb in Sunderland, offers excellent property investment opportunities. With its Victorian architecture and high-quality housing stock, Ashbrooke has seen significant capital growth in recent years. The area has an impressive average rental yield of 6.8% (PropertyData, 2021), providing strong returns for investors.

Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

Population: 12,000 (2020) Area: 1.8 km²

Heaton, a vibrant suburb in Newcastle upon Tyne, is a popular choice for property investment. Its proximity to the city centre and Newcastle’s universities make it an attractive location for students and young professionals. In 2021, Heaton boasted an average rental yield of 7.2% (PropertyData), making it the top area for buy-to-let investors in the North East.


The North East offers a variety of excellent property investment opportunities, with the top five locations highlighted in this blog post providing impressive rental yields and capital growth potential. To stay informed about high-yield investment areas and receive valuable insights on property investment, sign up for the Invest In Property ( newsletter. Stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your property investments in the North East.

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